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Over 92% of people surfing the internet for products, information and services use search engines to find what they are looking for online!

Knightsbridge, Oxford Street, Regent Street all desirable addresses which give a business a higher status over other addresses. In simple terms this is the same for businesses that hold the top 20 positions in the top engines Google, MSN Search, Yahoo!, AlltheWeb and AltaVista.

Custodian: UK Web Site Marketing for professional web site optimisation and managed pay per click campaigns.

Websites that appear within the top 20 or on the first couple of pages of search engine results attract a much larger number of visitors and buyers! Ask yourself how do you find what you want and what makes you click on a particular website.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is different to PPC (pay per click) marketing eg. google adwords and overture (now Yahoo! Search Marketing) - as you are not charged a fee for every click to your website. This makes SEO far more cost effective in the long term.

SEO is the only website marketing solution which provides continual growth in website visitors without the need for proportional increases in budget.

Top 20 in Major search engines
About SEO  


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of creating a website for the engines so that it attracts visitors by ranking high for the most relevant terms and phrases.

Many people new to websites and search engines are under the impression that once they launch their website, they will automatically achieve high positions within the engines. In reality, achieving high positions in the major engines goes far beyond launching a website and waiting.

Getting listed at the top of Google, MSN Search, Yahoo!, AlltheWeb or AltaVista, and staying there for keywords relevant to your business will require a professional SEO plan specially tailored for your business website.

Web site optimisation can be deployed on the vast majority of sites and is an extremely powerful advertising solution for any business with an online presence.

No other form of online advertising can match the return on investment search engine optimisation (SEO) offers in the long term.

Some clients have reported targeted visitor costs of less than 1p per visitor in the long term! Compared with pay-per-click programs where each click can cost anywhere from 10p to £50!, search engine optimisation is far more economical in the long term.

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