Complete Web Maintenance Solution
Companies, organizations and institutions alike are always seeking ways to reduce costs, and add value to their marketing strategies.

Our Website Maintenance Solution provides just that.

Once your site is online, you will inevitably wish to keep your content fresh. Sometimes it's a simple change, or you may want to add a new complete section or functionality to your site.

Maybe you already have a website designed in-house or by other designers and you need help fixing a few one off changes, or maybe you tried to do the updates yourself and things didn't work out as well. Maybe you looking for a full service contract that will provide piece of mind that someone will be at hand to deal with any edits quickly or regularly maintain your site.

Web Maintenance Services by a third party can reduce costs by eliminating the need to hire full time design professionals or programmers.

Self Editing Web Site


With a self editable database driven website you are able to make regular changes to the content through a very secure, very user friendly administrative maintenance area of the website. This interface is designed to be extremely easy to use and only requires a user to have the ability to type. Your site can be updated via the interface at anytime from any where in the world by anyone you authorise to do so.

Managed Contract

Custodian can manage all your updates for you. Simply provide us with the information you wish to update and custodian will do all the updates within 24 hours, usually with in the hour. In essence having a Custodian Managed Website Maintenance Contract is like having your own in house team without big stagnant costs and headache.

One Off

You may only need your site edited once a year or now and again. Custodian provide a one off web editing service that will be billed as a one off as work is completed.

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